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5 Things NOT to Do with Electricity

1. Do NOT put your finger in an electric socket!

eb graphic not do finger2

It may seem as if these two are calling out to you, but it's just your imagination.

2. Do NOT make toast in the bathtub!  

eb graphic not do toastertub

No one likes soggy toast.

3. Do NOT Fly a kite in thunderstorm!

eb graphic not do kite

Unless you are reincarnated Ben Franklin, this is a very bad idea.


4. Do NOT let your baby chew on an electrical cord!

eb graphic not do baby e

Yes, "infant stimulation" is a thing, but not this thing!


5. Do NOT use a bug zapper for fishing!

eb graphic not do bug zapper

Snap, crackle, pop!  It's illegal! (in most states)

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