Energy Efficiency Report - 2017

energy efficiency report 2017AMP Exceeded Target by 4 Percent

  • AMP’s net savings in FY 2017 exceeded the target by 4 percentAMP’s net savings in FY 2017 exceeded the target by 4 percent.
  • The actual net savings were 2,295 megawatt hours (MWh), compared to the FY 2017 target of 2,207 MWh.
  • The energy savings represent 0.7 percent of FY 2017 energy sales.

Click here for the full 2017 Energy Efficiency Report


Since 2006, AMP has reported to the CEC its investment in energy-efficiency programs as part of a collaborative effort of the California Municipal Utilities Association, Northern California Power Agency, and the Southern California Public Power Authority.

Approximately 40 publicly owned electric utilities across the state participate in this effort. The collaborative process ensures consistency in reporting.


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