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icon bee energy plus 2ENERGY PLUS



AMP's Energy Plus Program offers our highest rebates ever for interior and exterior energy efficient lighting retrofits, including LEDs, and HVAC and refrigeration. Find out more...

icon bee new constructionNew Construction Rebates



AMP encourages all new construction to be energy efficient and exceed current California Title 24 Building Energy-Efficiency Standards. Find out more...

icon bee customizedCommercial Customized Rebates



AMP's Commercial Customized Program is designed to provide rebates to commercial customers who install energy-efficiency equipment that does not qualify for the Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program or the HVAC Rebates Program. Find out more...

icon bee hvacCommercial HVAC Rebates



Alameda Municipal Power offers rebates to help your business replace old HVAC systems with new, high-efficiency units, as well as other energy savings upgrades. Find out more...

icon bee lighting retrofit

Lighting Retrofit (Self-Install)

Installing energy efficient lighting can reduce your lighting energy costs by 35% to more than 50%; and provide better quality light. AMP offers rebates to retrofit your existing lighting with energy efficient lamps, ballasts, controls, and LEDs.  There are two way to participate. Find out more...

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

Get up to a $5,000 rebate on an electric vehicle charging station for your business facility.  Find out more...

icon bee solarCommercial Solar Installation



Due to an overwhelming response from our commercial customers, all commercial solar rebate funds have been reserved and AMP is no longer accepting commercial solar rebate applications.


Alamedans can be proud that Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is a leader in promoting renewable power resources and has over 167 residents and business owners receiving AMP solar rebates.

Interested in generating your own renewable electricity to meet some of your electricity demand? AMP is here to help you . Find out more...


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