Customer Service FAQ's 

Do you know how and when to make a payment arrangement, or why your service may not come back on immediately after a disconnection for non-payment? Get the answers to these and other common questions about billing and service at AMP.


How can I obtain a Residence Verification / Credit Letter?

We issue verification letters for school admission or other proof of service.  We can also provide a credit letter to waive deposit requirements from another utility company.  Please call AMP Customer Service at 510-748-3900.

Why do you need my Social Security Number when setting up my account?

Why do you need my Social Security Number when setting up my account?This information is requested in order to establish your account with AMP in accordance with Federal regulations.  We use this information to verify your identity. While we do not use it to check your credit upon account establishment, we will report collection accounts to the credit bureaus. We also use this information as an identifier to protect you from unauthorized activity on your account.  This information is kept in a highly secure and encrypted database.


Will you check my credit before connecting service?

We use available information from our own records to determine credit worthiness. We may require a deposit if our records indicate that you’ve had an unsatisfactory credit history with us.

Why am I asked to pay a deposit?

Residential customers whose service was shut off for non-payment may be required to pay a deposit.  Residential customers with a bad payment history from a previous account will be required to pay a deposit to reestablish service. Commercial customers are required to pay a deposit to start service. If an active customer declares bankruptcy we will require a deposit to continue service.

When do I get my deposit back?

After 12 consecutive months of on time payments your deposit will be applied to your account. If your account is closed before then, your deposit will be applied to the final bill, and any remaining credit will be refunded by mail in 4 - 5 weeks.


How can I make payment arrangements?

Customers facing financial hardships may request to delay payment by making a payment arrangement with one of our representatives. Please call AMP Customer Service at 510-748-3900.

Why do I still get notices after I make a payment arrangement?

Notices automatically go out after the due date on your bill if previous balance is left unpaid.  If you’ve made a payment arrangement with our representative please disregard these notices. 


What are the costs?

Delinquent accounts subject to service disconnection for non-payment of bill must pay the entire outstanding balance (current and past due amount) along with a $45 field action charge and a deposit to avoid service disconnection. In the event service has already been discontinued, the same amount is required to restore service.

Will I be warned that my service will be disconnected?

Your regular monthly bill gives you 23 days to pay. Five days after the due date, a 7-Day Notice is mailed. This serves as your final notice to pay. Whenever possible, you may also receive a courtesy call prior to service disconnection. Calls are made to the phone number on file. If you do not have one on file with us or need to update the existing one, please call our Customer Service Department at 510-748 3900.

I paid my bill - why was my power disconnected?

Depending on how you made your payment, it may not have posted in our system on time. If your account is in danger of being disconnected,  payment by phone with a representative, or in person,  are the best options to avoid the inconvenience and additional fees that come with disconnection of service.

Why does my service remain off even though I have paid my bill?

You may see a meter load card when this happens. This is a notice we leave on your door when any of the following occurs:

In your absence we performed routine maintenance work on your meter resulting in a short interruption of your electric service.

We unsealed your meter but the main disconnect (breaker/fuse) remains off for safety reasons.  In order to restore service you will need to flip the breaker switch on the main electric panel.


Do you have any assistance programs to help me pay my electric bill?

Alameda Municipal Power funds a number of programs to help customers who are having difficulty paying their bills, or have a medical condition. Learn more about our financial assistance programs.


 Your lights are flickering?  There are low wires hanging from a utility pole.

Please call System Operations at 510-748 3902.

For more outage information...


Why is there a customer charge?

A customer charge is billed to recoup administrative costs associated with providing service such as the reading of the meter, printing and mailing fees, and administrative expenses.

Does my electric rate change depending on the time of day I use power?

No. Our rate is not dependent on time of use. For residential customers we have a tiered system where each tier has a corresponding kWh allowance and rate. The tier and rate applied depend on the amount of usage and number of billing days. For more details, please see the applicable rate schedule available here.



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