Maintaining a Generator

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If you own an electric generator, either portable or permanently installed, you could save someone's life by connecting and using it properly.

If used incorrectly, these generators can be fatal. Downed electrical lines following a storm, earthquake, or other such event, will be "live" and may present a danger to utility people and the general public if your generator is connected or is being used incorrectly.

A generator that is connected to your home or business is also connected to the AMP electrical system. When the lights go out, our crews go out to restore power. If your generator is connected, it could send electricity into our system, or "backfeed." Our crews won't know of the danger that is present and could be electrocuted.

Four Easy Steps to Safe Generator Operation

  • Call us at 748-3900 to notify AMP if you have or use an electrical generator of any type.
  • Use only a generator that is permanently connected to your system by means of a manual double-throw switch or an automatic transfer switch.
  • Have the installation properly inspected and approved so that it will not be severely damaged when normal electric service is restored.
  • Open your main electrical service switch before you start a portable generator.
  • Call (510) 748-3900 for Customer Service 24/7
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