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Title: Recycle-Repurpose-Reuse | Artist: Stephen Seche

pba images recycle 2

When I initially visited the transformer, it reminded me of a sardine can. My design is intended to make the transformer look like an over-sized sardine can filled with things we might re-use, compost, replant, or store inside the reusable can. The salmon is a reference to Alameda’s history as home to the Alaska Salmon Packing Fleet.

Sponsor: Marketplace Location: The Marketplace parking lot on Park Street

Title: Wild Trio | Artist: Flavia Krasilchik

pba images wild trio

I am an audience for the birds’ cycle on the Alameda shores and bird sanctuary. I chose to live in Alameda because it is a place where urban meets nature in total harmony and grace, providing me the source of inspiration to create my ceramic sculptures and whimsical creatures.

Sponsor: Alameda Natural Grocery

Location: Parking lot on north side of Lincoln Avenue, one block from Park Street

Title: Rooftop Garden | Artist: Jessica Warren

pba images rooftop garden

I love the beauty rooftop gardens add to the community as well as the creative use of unutilized space. Gardens create community, peaceful havens, and they educate. Hopefully, my piece “Rooftop Gardens” will inspire people to get creative about where they can put their own gardens.

Sponsor: Rhythmix Cultural Works

Location: Parking lot on south side of Lincoln Avenue, one block from Park Street

Title: Conserve Water Artist: Nancy Crookston

pba images conserve water

I am passionate about doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint. My painting, “Conserve”, illustrates the importance of conserving water and keeping our planet clean, featuring fish from one of my favorite Park Street restaurants, The Ark.

Sponsor: Ole’s Waffle Shop & Wine &Waffles

Location: Parking lot on Webb Street between Park Street and Everett Street

Title: Alameda Living | Artist: Delena Britnell

pba images alameda living

Alameda captured my heart with serene tree lined streets, the ease of bicycling everywhere, and the small town community that is so rare to find in the Bay Area. The local farmers’ market, warm sunshine, and bright California poppies all inspired these drawings. By embracing a green lifestyle we can reduce our carbon footprint to maintain the vibrancy of Alameda living.

Sponsor: Alameda Collision

Location: Corner of Santa Clara Avenue and Everett Street

Title: Strawberry Green | Artist: Clare Rickard

pba images strawberry green

Strawberry Green represents working and living outside in the open air. It illustrates sharing the planet, respecting each other and supporting the earth as it supports you. I hope when you see this art you remember to treasure Alameda and your world.

Sponsor: Berg Injury Lawyers

Location: Parking lot on Everett Street behind Berg Injury Lawyers

Title: What's Old Is New | Artist: Chris Rummell

pba images old new

My artwork references one of the most familiar and recyclable objects in our culture: the glass bottle. Whether it’s reused or melted down, glass has a potentially infinite life cycle, simultaneously existing as old and new while passing from hand to the next. We each play a role in keeping that cycle unbroken.

Sponsor: Mason Management

Location: Corner of Central Street and Everett Street

Title: Winds of Change | Artist: Wesley Warren

pba images winds change

Driving across country, I remember being intrigued when we would come up over a hill and see vast wind farms in the distance. The giant blades casting long shadows across the landscape as the sun set. The blades slowly turning as they catch the primal force of the wind and convert it into electricity.

Sponsor: Alameda Island Brewing Company & Rich and Rose Krinks (Broker and Associate Realtor, Harbor Bay Realty)

Location: City parking lot on Central Avenue, west corner

Title: I Want to Ride My Bicycle | Artist: Emily Bonnes

pba images bicycle

I grew up in Alameda and went away for college in Oregon. After biking to school every day in the driving rain, I feel fortunate to live on this island city so flat, warm, and perfect for cycling. “I Want to Ride My Bicycle” is a loving portrait of my husband’s and my matching vintage bikes.

Sponsor: Tucker’s Ice Cream

Location: City parking lot on Central Avenue, east corner

Title: Plants Grow | Artist: Lars Petersen III

pba images plants grow

My art celebrates plants as a way to offset the carbon in our air. I want kids to know they can help the earth simply by planting trees, and even just watering plants, to help make the planet a better and healthier place.

Sponsor: Perforce Foundation

Location: City parking lot on Alameda Avenue

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