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Electricity is not a limitless resource, which means each of us should use only what is necessary. With some awareness, focus, effort and action, AMP can help you stay on the path to Right Energy.

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How much electricity do you use?

That question is easily answered by logging in to your AMP account online, where  you can see your usage history and pay your bills. Click here.

zen title focusFocus on the changes you can make.

If you become aware your that your usage is higher than you’d like it to be, you can request a FREE in-home energy audit by an AMP energy auditor, who will recommend ways to specifically reduce your energy use and your costs. Just call 748-3900 to set up an appointment.

zen title effort actionKnowledge without Effort and Action is meaningless.

You can begin your efforts by simply by taking action to change your habits. When light is no longer needed, or you are not using an electronic device, let it go by turning it off or even unplugging it. 

Second level action is also simple. Change your light bulbs. The prices of LED bulbs have been reduced significantly, and coupled with AMP’s rebates for interior and exterior LEDs, so now is a great time to make and effort to buy.

zen title pathAn enlightened way to use energy

The more clearly we can see into our personal electric world and lighten our demand on resources, the better we can all lessen the greater Carbon Footprint and set on a path of Right Energy


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