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How does the Alameda Green program work?

When you enroll in Alameda Green, AMP purchases renewable energy certificates (RECs) from California biogas projects and western U.S. wind farms.

How does the electricity get to my house?

Like the energy delivered through our basic service, once an electron is added to the grid, the exact source cannot be determined. However, the RECs prove that renewable energy was generated at a power source and added to the electric grid on your behalf.

Do you install something at my home?

There are no structural or wiring changes made to your home when you join Alameda Green. Instead, RECs will be purchased in amounts equal to your energy usage. Each REC represents 1,000 kWhs of renewable energy generated and delivered to the grid on your behalf.

What is a renewable energy certificate?

One REC represents 1,000 kWhs of renewable energy delivered to the power grid. To give you an idea, the average Alameda home uses 333  kWhs a month. The purchase of RECs helps support production of new renewable energy technologies. All of our RECs are certified by the EPA’s preferred third party, Green-e.

Will my lights turn off when the wind isn't blowing?

Rest assured, you are still connected to the same power grid and will receive the same standard and quality of service.

What do I get out of it?

Your participation directly supports the biogas and wind industry here in California and wind farms in the western U.S.

What are the program costs?

Alameda Green costs an additional 2 cents per kWh on top of the standard AMP electricity mix rates. The cost will vary monthly based on your usage, but is about $6.60 extra per month for the average Alameda home. It appears as a separate line item on your bill so you have full transparency on the monthly cost.

Why does Alameda Green cost more?

Alameda Green comes at a premium because we are purchasing RECs for renewable energy delivered to the grid in the western U.S. These certificates support California biogas and western U.S. wind farms above and beyond what AMP supports through its regular mix of electricity.

What if I change my mind?

You are always in control of your enrollment. There is no contract and no cancellation fee, and you can opt down to the standard mix at any time without penalty.

How do I know my money is actually going towards renewable energy?

A third party (in line with the Green-e Energy program requirements) audits the program each year to confirm that the RECs purchased for Alameda Green customers are accounted for.

What if I wish to stop participating in Alameda Green?

No problem. You can cancel at any time and your next bill will reflect the change. Just call (510) 748-3900.


Why should my business purchase Alameda Green?

Choosing renewable energy offers a number of benefits to your business. Choosing Alameda Green will help your business:

  • Be a leader in your community and industry

  • Generate customer loyalty and employee pride

  • Create positive publicity and earn recognition benefits

  • Differentiate your company from the competition

  • Connect with and market to environmentally conscious customers

We encourage businesses to consider joining the U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership.  Purchases of Alameda Green qualify as an eligible supply for that program, as well as for the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification program.  

Is Alameda Green eligible for LEED points?

Yes. All Alameda Green renewable energy is Green-e Energy Certified and eligible for green power points under the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

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